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Carrying CSA approvals for Class I Div 2/Zone 2 areas, the Wilcoxon Research model 786-500-D2 accelerometer is well suited for condition monitoring of a variety of rotating equipment including those in hazardous areas. Its 500mV/g sensing element has a 5% sensitivity tolerance coupled with a ±3 db frequency response range that covers 0.2 to 14,000 Hz. Slow speed applications, such as wind turbine generators, will benefit the sensor’s strong output because it overcomes data collector noise that can mask peaks at low frequencies. In high speed applications, such as machine tool spindles or gear mesh frequencies the sensor’s higher sensitivity results in better detection of low level vibrations. As a multipurpose sensor with a full scale range of 10g and a broadband noise floor of 250 µg, the device is ideal for applications where both ends of machine spectrum need to be monitored simultaneously. Class I Div 2/Zone 2 certification means it can be used in higher risk areas, those defined as areas where hazardous gas, vapors or mist would only be present under abnormal conditions. While not as stringent as Division 1/Zone 1 certifications, this CSA certified unit can be safely used on motors, pumps, fans and other process equipment located in hazardous areas. Since no safety barriers are required in Division 2/Zone 2 areas, installation of the sensor is simplified.

Posted on February 6, 2012 - (804 views)
Meggitt Sensing Systems
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Wilcoxon Research is a leading manufacturer of vibration sensors for industrial CBM applications. Wilcoxon’s sensors are essential to PdM programs that save money, reduce downtime, and improve safety.

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