Air Control System

Ensures monitoring and control of compressed air station components

  • Air Control System
    Air Control System

Designed for air monitoring, the Sigma Air Manager 4.0 (SAM 4.0) from Kaeser aims to take advantage of the Industry 4.0 and IoT’s benefits. It enables the user to optimize pressure values, to automatically adjusts compressor system air delivery to accommodate fluctuating pressure demand and to optimize system efficiency based on control losses, switching losses and pressure flexibility. In addition, the SAM 4.0 allows the compressed air station to do predictive maintenance through the Sigma Smart Air.

Future-ready and upgradable

This compressed air system supports operation in 30 languages, with a 12-inch color touchscreen that shows whether the station is operating in the 'green zone' from an energy management perspective. It can display and analyze in real-time and retroactively the operating status, pressure history, free air delivery and power consumption. It also enables energy management in accordance with ISO 50001. Last, the software is upgradable for expansion and is consequently designed to accommodate potential future compressed air system expansion.

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