Anti-collision Camera

Enhances people safety and working conditions

  • Blaxtair 3D Smart Camera
    Blaxtair 3D Smart Camera

Blaxtair is a pedestrian/machinery detection system for industrial vehicles such as forklifts, designed to prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians in co-activity zones. This smart 3D camera can distinguish a person from another obstacle in real time and alert the operator in case of danger, without unnecessary alarms. 

A visual and sound signal to alert the driver if a person is detected in the danger zone

The anti-collision camera comprises a camera, calculator and LCD screen. It utilizes a sensor to continuously scan the blind areas around the machine and display the environment in 3D. Based on video recognition algorithms developed by the French Atomic Energy Commission, it can precisely identify the nature of each obstacle. Combined with effective organizations and best practices, it is a fitted solution to the safety parameters required in industrial applications, material handling, recycling, infrastructure construction and quarry or mining.

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