Augmented Distant Service and AR-Surface Projector

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Introduced at Hannover Messe 2019

Vision & Identification

CDM Tech Augmented Distant Service
CDM Tech Augmented Distant Service

At Hannover Messe 2019, CDM Tech introduced two of their new solutions.


Augmented Distant Service (ADS)

As a support tool, the Augmented Distant Service brings the workforce together by collaborating and communicating effectively and permanently at anytime and anywhere. The experts can assist field technicians when they face unexpected problems by remote support through an Internet connection or a 3C/4C link. When using Microsoft HoloLens or tablets, it provides voice and video communication but also three-dimensional spatial information such as text, dynamic drawings, anchors, augmented pings, 3D models and animations and holograms. 


AR-Surface Projector (AR-SP™)

The AR-SP enables to display visual objects or simulations on the surface of a part. Through the highly precise overlapping with the AR object identification and using the edge detection method, the AR-SP can identify objects even in dynamic movements. In addition, the user can extend real parts with virtual objects for showcases and design reviews in dynamic mockups. The user can set up an AR measurement report in the metrology which helps to reduce the congnitive distance in the perception and understanding from the measurement results. This software is suitable for optical 3D measurement, CT measurement, FE analysis, ultrasound measurement and thermography.

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Augmented Distant Service and AR-Surface Projector

Introduced at Hannover Messe 2019

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