Bilge Alarm Sensor

For use in bilges of marine vehicles

  • Bilge Alarm Sensor
    Bilge Alarm Sensor

Hizmar's Bilge alarm sensor BS 03-S is used to keep the liquid level under control or to give alarm when it reaches a certain level. This alarm sensor is designed to use in bilges of marine vehicles such as boats / yatchs. It also can be used in places such as a zone, room, well or elevator shaft to get warning when water reaches the required level. With its protective grille, it is not affected by dirt or substances that may be contained in the water.

Suitable for use in classified marine vessels

Bilge Alarm Sensor BS03 has TürkLoydu type approval certificate. Manual lift is realised to test mechanism for no hassle field tests. Its tank fiiting type is screw mounting via Chrome Bracket. The body material is made of chrome with a diameter of 80 mm and a body length of 130 mm. The operating voltage is from 0 to 50 Volt AC/DC with a currency of 100 mA. It operates in tempratures from 0 to +45°C. Last, it reaches IP68 protection class.

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