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Box / Panel PLC
Box / Panel PLC

Baumüller launched a PC-based Multicore platform as a box PLC or a panel PLC with a 15" touch display. In order to solve ever more complex tasks with less cost and risk, mechanical engineers now require high-performance hardware and software. This PLC is real-time-optimized and has a multi-tasking capacity, rapid synchronous field bus cycle times and minimum time tolerances (jitter). As a result of the multi-tasking function, the PC-based Multicore platform allows for parallel processing of the CPU-intensive control, visualization, data processing and communication tasks. Thus mechanical engineers and system constructors, integrators and end consumers benefit from higher system availability with longer service and support intervals. In this case the supplier offers PC-based controls either in the form of a b maXX-box-PCC03 with front USB connection or as a b maXX-panel-PCC03. The panel version is equipped with protection class IP65 at the front and IP20 at the back, while the box version is IP20 on both sides. The passively cooled controls are hard-cut-enabled and make use of the current Windows 7 operating system with real-time extension. In addition, they contain two 4 GB compact Flash memories - one for the system and one for the relevant application. Both versions have been equipped with EtherCAT-Master, Motion Control-RT and ProViz web visualization.

Posted on December 11, 2012 - (1526 views)
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