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Baumüller has increased nominal speeds of their torque motors and developed the DSP servo motor range. The high-torque motors from the DST2 range with integrated thrust bearing offer elevated speeds of 600 rpm. Makers of single-screw extruders benefit in particular from this new feature, which gives them far greater flexibility in designing future machine layouts. Fast-running extruders can now be designed to provide the same performance as before using either smaller screw diameters or smaller motors. Or the motor size can remain the same, with the result that the through-put and productivity of the operator's machinery increases substantially. The company has also developed its new DSP motors for higher rotary speeds. These motors now complement the DSC range, providing nominal speeds of up to 6000 rpm. The DSP range has the same external design to the DSC synchronous motors and the tried and tested DSD servo motors range, which means that it has identical mechanical and electrical interfaces, as well as the same selection of cooling options: uncooled, air-cooled or water-cooled. The result is that the customer now has even greater flexibility in how it decides to lay out its drives. On top of this, the addition of new models with different dimensions to the DSP range has had the effect of extending torque ranges up to 140 Nm.

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