CAB 14 jumper

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Energy Efficiency

CAB 14 jumper
CAB 14 jumper

The CAB 14 jumper has a grid spacing of 2.00mm. The insulator has an opening suitable for miniature test probes and a tag. Optimum contact is achieved with square contacts 0.5mm and precision contacts Æ0.4-0.5mm. The CAB15 jumper has a grid spacing of 1.27mm. It is closed and is provided with a tap. Both jumpers are provided with gold flash plating. Optimum contact is achieved with square contacts 0.4mm and precision contacts Æ0.4-0.5mm.

Posted on February 1, 2009 - (150 views)
Fischer Elektronik GmbH
Nottebohmstraße 28
58511 Lüdenscheid - Germany
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