Miniature Cooling Aggregates

Significant heat dissipation per volume unit

  • The LAM 6 and LAM 6 K from Fischer Elektronik
    The LAM 6 and LAM 6 K from Fischer Elektronik

Efficient and reasonable to use for dissipating heat in larger amounts in smallest space, the miniature cooling aggregates from Fischer Elektronik combine a fin structure in connection with powerful fans. Optimized in terms of flow technology, they lead to a significantly greater heat dissipation per volume unit than natural convection. The LAM 6 and LAM 6 K are the new versions measuring 60x60mm and are available for transistor screw mounting or special clip mounting.

The contact pressure achieved by the springs provides an optimal heat transfer between the device and the unit

The miniature cooling aggregates LAM 6 and LAM 6 K are optionally available with the fan voltages 12V, 24V and 48V. On the LAM 6, device assembly is made by using the classic screw mounting using additional threads, or on the LAM 6 K using so-called snap-in transistor retaining springs.

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