Fischer Elektronik GmbH
Nottebohmstraße 28
58511 Lüdenscheid - Germany
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Supplier's articles
Miniature Cooling Aggregates
Heatsinks for Ball Grid Array Casing
Phase Change Thermal Conductive Material
Cooling Fin Cases
Connectors for LED-Applications
Connectors for LED Inline Modules in THT Technology
Connectors for LED Applications
Subdivision For Combination Cases
Ofter-requested Tape and Reel Packaging
Active Heat Dissipation For LEDs
Tape and Reel Packaging For SMD Connectors
Miniature Aluminium Cases
Precision Socket Strip
Small Housing
Round Cellular Heatsink
High-Performance Heat Sinks
Socket Connectors
Variable Shell Housing
Fan Units
D-Sub Cable Connector
Tubular Housing
Finger-shaped Heatsink
High Heat Conduction Graphite Films
Plug-in Connector
Design Case
Heat-conducting Paste
Socket Connectors
Design Case
Tape & Reel Packaging
Tubular Housing
LED Star Coolers
Female Header
Aluminum Casings
Multi-purpose Tube Cases
Female Headers
Male Headers
LED Heatsinks
Miniature Aluminium Casings
D-Sub Filter
Miniature Aluminium Casings
D-Sub Filter Connectors
Precision machining
Male Header
IEN meets Fischer Elektronik
Tube Cases
Male Headers
Attachable Heatsinks
Invulnerable Powder Coatings
High Performance Liquid Cooler
Design Cases
Tape And Reel Packaging
Frame Design Case
CAB 14 jumper
Fischer Elektronik's Heatsinks and Cases Connectors
Embedded Hardware
Round Heatsinks for Lighting Industry
Adjusted Heatsink Solutions
Cooling Aggregates
SMD Versions
Electromechanics for LEDs
Extruded heatsinks
Heatsinks, Cases, Connectors
Thermal Management
Heatsinks and cases
Fischer Elektronik
Machined heatsink profiles
Heat management
Machined Heatsink
LA - Cooling aggregates