Finger-shaped Heatsink

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  • Finger-shaped Heatsink
    Finger-shaped Heatsink

When it comes to good heat dissipation from electronic components mounted on the circuit board, suitable finger-shaped heatsinks made of aluminium or copper materials offer a very good method of dissipating heat within the smallest space, where there is small to medium-size power dissipation from semi-conductors. In view of this, Fischer Elektronik is supplementing with immediate effect its extensive product range with the addition of further finger-shaped heatsink versions. These new versions are specially designed for heat dissipation from the TO5, TO220 and D PAK styles of transistor. Integrated clip and clamp geometries enable the heatsink to be attached directly to the component. In addition to this, they ensure a secure fixing and optimum contact pressure for ideal heat transfer resistance. The special finger-shaped heatsinks for the D PAK styles of transistor have a solderable surface, and they can therefore be soldered directly onto the circuit board. Special forms of packaging, different versions and modifications, as well as special surface coatings, can also be supplied on request.

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