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Precision machining
Precision machining

Modern design is already an indispensible part of many technical consumer goods. Appearance and mechanical processing are both often decisive in marketing a product and its resulting sales success. Fischer Elektronik offers a wide range of processing options, especially for decorative applications. All standard cooling heat sinks and cases and also special front and cover plates can be manufactured to suit customers' requirements in terms of decorative design. CNC machining centres and automatic machines are used to ensure optimum processing quality. Components receive mechanical surface treatment in preparation for anodizing or galvanic coating such as chromium or gold, consisting of sandblasting, grinding and polishing. If a particular surface structure and the resulting tactile perception are not required, the company is also able to offer coatings using 2-component lacquers or powder coating. For optical identification of milling, screen printing or YAG-lasers can be used to offer imprinting using environmentally-compatible,  2-component epoxy resin colors. The company also provides in-depth advice for the most suitable solutions and best manufacturing options.

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