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Flow-optimised hollow rib geometry

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    Fan Units

The increasing construction of large load circuits for drives and controllers results in the use of larger and higher performance electronic assemblies like IGBT and similar items. In these performance classes, efficient heating is only possible through the forced convection using fan units or liquid coolers. Here, the Fischer Elektronik is expanding its product range in the area of high-performance fan units with another two versions: LA 18 and LA 22. The fan systems with the dimensions 184x93mm and 243x120mm (WxH) have a flow-optimised hollow rib geometry and, as a result, achieve particularly effective heat conduction in conjunction with axial fan motors. The semi-conductor surfaces opposite are faced by default, to minimise heat transition resistances and optimise component contact. A pre-chamber construction coordinated with the hollow-rib geometry for the fans also causes an additional reduction of the heat resistances (laminar airflow) and also a reduction in the fan noises. Additional mechanical processing and other fan types and currents are implemented according to customised specifications.

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