High-Performance Heat Sinks

For large amounts of heat losses

  • High-Performance Heat Sinks
    High-Performance Heat Sinks

Electronic components with major thermal loss such as IGBT, SSR and other performance elements require suitable heating concepts, particularly when a heat sink must be used. Regular extrusion heat sinks are often no longer sufficient due to their heat conduction. Fischer Elektronik is expanding its extensive product range with a high-performance heat sink with a flow-optimised hollow rib geometry particularly to conduct large amounts of heat losses. They are particularly suitable for forced convection, preferable for radial and tangential fan motors.

The universal modular system consists of different types of basic profiles in widths from 200 mm to 500 mm with a gradation of 50mm. Particularly in the imprint zones in the 20 mm basic profiles, this allows the pressure of hollow ribs into different height variations. Rib heights of 43/52/62/70/81.5 and 112 mm are available.

The semi conductor installation areas are milled to be precisely flush to minimise heat transition resistance. Mechanical processing, special models and surface treatments can be implemented for your application.