Capacitive Sensors with Single-Click Teach

High user friendliness with teach buttons and LED back end

  • Capacitive Sensors with Single-Click Teach
    Capacitive Sensors with Single-Click Teach

Turck is presenting the next generation of its capacitive sensors, the BCT series, which are primarily used for level measurement. Instead of using a potentiometer as before, the sensors can be taught for the relevant medium via a teach button. The sensor automatically defines the switchpoint so that any deposits on the tank wall or contamination of the sensor cap does not cause any incorrect switching. A logical testing of the selected setting also prevents programming errors with difficult to detect media.

The supplier offers the BCT series as a universal NO/NC contact in a cylindrical design as an M18 and M30 variant. This not only enables users to effectively reduce the number of device variants that have to be kept in stock but also to implement fail-safe underfill and overfill protection of tanks with a single sensor type. The output behavior can also be set via a pushbutton. All versions are available with a PNP or NPN output.

For applications that require protection against the unauthorized sensor adjustment, or in which the sensor can no longer be reached after mounting, a variant is also available with a teach output that can also be taught just as easily with a teach adapter as the pushbutton models.

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