Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG
Witzlebenstraße 7
45472 Mülheim /Ruhr - Germany
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Supplier's articles
Mobile Linear Position Sensor
Ex Area Pressure Sensors
Profinate/Profisafe Module
Brain Gain
Profinet/Profisafe I/O Module
TBPN Safety Block I/O Module IP67
Contactless Encoder Speaks CANopen
Excavation At Sea
Capacitive Sensors with Single-Click Teach
Identifying Connectivity Systems for Industrial Applications
Contactless Encoders
Ethernet Multiprotocol I/O Modules
Inductive Couplers
Block I/O Generation for -40 to +70 °C
Contactless Encoders
On the Right Track
Non-Contact Inductive Encoders
Implementing Industrial Ethernet in Industrial Applications
Tradition and Modernity
Simulation Software
New Connectivity Portfolio
Multiprotocol Ethernet Gateways / Block I/Os
I/O System
Angle Sensor
Linear Position Sensor
Maximum Surveillance, Minimum Operator Involvement
Ethercat Gateway
Linear Position Sensors
Voltage Surge Protection
Efficiently Stored
LED Lights
Switching Power Supplies
Temperature Sensors
Connector Line
Robust Connectors
Offshore Sensors
I/O Adapter
Displacement Sensor
Magnetic & Optical Rotary Encoders
Dual Sensors Monitor Valves
Luggage Inspection At Frankfurt Airport
Fieldbus Gateways
Round Plug-in Connectors
Inductive Angle Sensors
Ethernet Cables
Profibus Gateway
Variable Inclination Sensors
Wireless Device
Pressure Sensors
RFID system for precise movement
Human machine interfaces
Dual Sensors
Interface Backplane
Input/Output Cards
Sensors for precise welding and assembly processes
RFID System
PB-XEPI Ethernet-Profibus coupler
Ulrich Turck