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The new RI360P-QR24 non-contact inductive encoder
The new RI360P-QR24 non-contact inductive encoder
PSU67 power supply unit
PSU67 power supply unit
Factor 1 sensor  Q80WD
Factor 1 sensor Q80WD

With the RI360P-QR24, Turck offers a non-contact inductive universal encoder with high resolution, absolutely wear-free operation, which is at the same time immune to magnetic fields. The sensor and the positioning element of the encoder are fully encapsulated and therefore designed as two independent and fully sealed units that work together without contact. Any vibration or shock from the shaft is therefore not passed on to the sensor. This makes the RI360P-QR24 a superior sensor compared to both optical and magnetic encoders. Thanks to its high degree of protection to IP69K and over 18-bit resolution, machine downtimes and maintenance times resulting from encoder wear are from now on a thing of the past, even with high-precision and high-speed applications.
Turck developed a new parameterization and mounting concept for the encoder. This turns the RI360P-QR24 into a universal encoder for any standard industrial application. Users can parameterize the device either as an incremental, multi-turn or single-turn encoder. This variant allows the user to also set output signals, switch points and measuring ranges individually via IO Link. Moreover, The supplier is offering a high-resolution variant with an SSI output, a Modbus and voltage/current version, as well as an encoder compliant with the e1 specification, for use on mobile machines. The mounting concept of the encoder also extends its application range: Adapter rings enable the encoder to be fitted on all standard shafts with diameters up to 20 millimeters.

IP67 power supply units
For customers that require a 24 volt power supply directly in the field, the company has a series of switched mode power supply units with IP67 protection. A large amount of expensive cabling with large cross sections is required if the field device and the control cabinet for the plant are large distances apart. The use of power supply units with IP67 protection is particularly suitable here, since they provide a 24V power supply directly in the field without any voltage drop. Due to their degree of protection to IP67, the new PSU67 power supply units can also be fitted directly to the machine without any protective measures.
The power supply units offer a high level of failsafe performance, thanks to their no-load and short-circuit protection as well as passive air cooling. The devices also automatically bridge voltage dips of up to 50 ms. The high efficiency of the devices ensures a good energy balance of up to 90%. The AC/DC wide range input and an ambient temperature range from -25 to +60 °C make the power supply units suitable for worldwide use. They feature a voltage output with a 4-pin 7/8 inch connector. LEDs indicate the actual operating state to the user.

Factor 1 Sensor in washdown housing
Furthermore, Turck is extending its successful uprox+ sensor range with a robust washdown variant in a Q80 housing. The non-flush inductive proximity switch detects all metals with the same high switching distance of 75 mm. The sensor can even be mounted partially embedded or fully flush - its switching sensitivity adjusts itself to the mounting conditions accordingly. With this degree of flexibility the Q80WD is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, enabling users to effectively reduce the range of variants required. Turck is offering the sensor with a four-pin M12 connector and an antivalent PNP switch output.
The application fields of the sensor are varied, ranging from gap detection in filling beverage cans, to switching tasks on materials handling systems in washdown environments, to outdoor applications on railway tracks.

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