Bluetooth Connectors for Cable and Contact Monitoring

Connectors monitor the voltage drop in the cable to prevent expensive plant downtimes and unscheduled maintenance work

  • Bluetooth Connectors for Cable and Contact Monitoring
    Bluetooth Connectors for Cable and Contact Monitoring

The new Turck M12Plus connectors transfer the condition monitoring of highly stressed cables directly to the connection technology. The connectors, which are equipped with voltage and current monitoring and a Bluetooth chip, enable the wireless transmission of measured voltage and current values to a controller.

40 meter range indoors

By comparing input and output values, problems such as cable kinks, cable breaks or power failures can be detected early. Thanks to the individual MAC address of each connector, the user can identify any cable at risk in advance and replace it immediately. The Turck Automation Suite (TAS) visualises the measured values of the M12Plus via the Cable Monitor application, thus enabling condition monitoring and other IIoT applications. The latest design of the M12Plus features a four-core cable (4 x 0.34 mm²) of the TXL series with a robust polyurethane outer sheath and is specially designed for use in drag chains. A-coded M12Plus connectors are fitted to both ends of the cable. The measured values are transferred to the data interface via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The maximum range of this is 40 m indoors and up to 100 m outdoors. When screwed tight, the M12Plus is protected to IP69K and offers outstanding resistance to chemicals and oil. It is flame resistant, resistant to welding sparks and is particularly wear resistant.