Combustion Analysis System

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Combustion Analysis System
Combustion Analysis System

The KiBox To Go Type 2893A from Kistler allows very accurate determination of the key combustion analysis parameters in real time under actual operating conditions. With the aid of CrankSmart technology, the crank angle signals of the vehicle’s sensor can additionally be used for accurate engine combustion analysis. This avoids the previously necessary optical crank angle encoder and strikingly reduces installation and maintenance work. An easily understood user interface, use of PiezoSmart sensor identifi cation and automatic plausibility checks guarantee prompt measurement availability and high quality data. Integration into the INCA application system ensures combustion analysis parameters can be recorded and analyzed synchronously with the ECU nominal data. The device provides a mobile combustion analysis tool that ensures an extremely effi cient approach to both engine applications and troubleshooting. 

Posted on September 1, 2009 - (2361 views)
Kistler Instrumente AG
Eulachstrasse 22
8408 Winterthur - Switzerland
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