Measurement Uncertainty Calculator

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  • Measurement Uncertainty Calculator
    Measurement Uncertainty Calculator

The Kistler Group launched KiXact, a technology that allows measurement uncertainty to be automatically calculated. As measurement uncertainty is time-consuming because of complex calculations and gives results that are difficult to evaluate, KiXact aims to answer this issue with a technology that delivers fast and readable measurement results for more quality results in the measurement chain. Moreover, where measurement uncertainty can be reliably determined, tolerance limits can be defined more narrowly and the process is more efficient as a consequence.

Better results with measurement uncertainty under control

The KiXact calculation includes external influencing factors such as ambient temperature and humidity, in order to recognize precisely which factors are influencing the measurement, and then the operators can adjust parameters. This technology is a part of the KiDAQ data acquisition system and works with KiStudio Lab, a software provided with KiXact.

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