Piezoelectric Force Sensor to Capture Very Small Forces

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Equipped with a highly sensitive crystal which guarantees extremely precise measuring results

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Piezoelectric Force Sensor to Capture Very Small Forces
Piezoelectric Force Sensor to Capture Very Small Forces

Since products now must combine increasingly compact dimensions with higher performance, Kistler launched the 9323AAA as a new sensor which is fitted for use in challenging industrial environments. This new model from the 9323 product family provides a solution for calibrating force sensors installed in production machinery

Suitable for use in highly dynamic production processes

With sensitivity of -32 pC/N, the new sensor can precisely measure forces of less than 5 N. To achieve this, the measurement technology experts at Kistler have developed a new crystal that grows at its Winterthur headquarters. These quartzes are installed in the tried-and-tested sensor cases of the 9323 product family. This gives the new sensor many of the same benefits as the established models, including proven insensitivity to lateral load and bending moment influences.

Posted on July 22, 2020 - (124 views)
Kistler Instrumente AG
Eulachstrasse 22
8408 Winterthur - Switzerland
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