Smart Production in the Injection Molding Sector

Software that prevents scrap and boosts overall plant efficiency

  • ComoNeo by Kistler
    ComoNeo by Kistler

When it comes to the injection molding sector, ComoNeo from Kistler is one of the leading systems for process monitoring and control. Being the core module in the digital value chain, both at horizontal process level on the shop floor and at vertical level for overarching systems, it analyzes the measurement data generated by the sensors. Its seven modular functions give users transparent guidance on optimizing their injection molding production lines. Regarding the process level, ComoNeo enables to do process monitoring based on cavity pressure for conventional and multicomponent injection molding (ComoNeoMERGE). 

A launch-pad for the smart production

This system also enables automated switchover of the injection molding machine based on cavity pressure (ComoNeoSWITCH) as well as balancing of hot runner control systems (ComoNeoMULTIFLOW). Every quality-related process data generated with ComoNeo can be transmitted to MES or ERP systems. The ComoNeoPREDICT module adds artificial intelligence to the injection molding process. It allows model-based prediction of the desired part quality based on the cavity pressure and temperature profiles. Based on neural networks, it is the starting point for accurate and efficient injection molding processes that meet the high standards required in the automotive and medtech sectors. Through calculating the properties of manufactured parts in advance, maximum quality can be reached.

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