Compact Flow Controllers

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Sensor Technology

Compact Flow Controllers
Compact Flow Controllers

Flow controllers from EGE's SDNC 503 series measure the flow rates of watery liquids from 50 ml/min to 2 l/min. At merely 37 x 40 x 67mm, the compact sensors are suited for limited installation spaces and applications that are difficult to reach, serving as a space-saving alternative to conventional devices. Equipped with a G¼ thread, the sensors can be easily fitted di-rectly into pipes.

They are delivered with pre-programmed operating parame-ters, enabling immediate installation and commissioning without further configu-ration. The SDNC 503 series comprises models with a linearized analog output (4...20 mA), with a PNP switching output, or with a pulse output. The SDNC 503 GSP models with a PNP output are available with pre-defined switching points of 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 l/min. SDNC GA and SDNC GP devices with analog outputs or pulse outputs respectively are available with measuring ranges between 0.05...1.0l/min and 0.2...2.0l/min.

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EGE-Elektronik Spezial-Sensoren GmbH
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24214 Gettorf - Germany
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