Level Detectors

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Level Detectors
Level Detectors

MFP sensors from EGE enable users to implement precise electronic level monitoring for liquids such as water, oil, and emulsions as well as bulk solids and pasty media. Suitable for use in plastic containers, level detectors from the MFP GAPP series with single probes or parallel probes are now available with an analog output or with a programmable switching output. These sensors reliably measure liquid media. The sensors are delivered ex works with a length that can be chosen to fit the application. Additionally, EGE offers customers expert on-site consulting services regarding the choice of sensors for specific operating conditions and commissioning. Thanks to their measuring principle, the sensors do not require moving parts: inside the probe, a radar pulse is emitted and reflected upon contact with the medium surface. The resulting "echo" is analyzed to measure the fill level. Therefore, environmental conditions such as temperature, medium density, pressure, or dust do not affect the operation of the sensor, which provides excellent reliability and a ±5 mm measuring accuracy. Suitable for applications with limited installation space, the IP67 sensors are designed for media temperatures between 0 and +85 °C . The sensor housing, which is rotatable by 360°, includes an LC display with a control panel for easy adjustment. The units provide an analog 4...20 mA output signal or switching output signals.

Posted on March 26, 2013 - (3249 views)
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