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The EGE MDV 80015 amplifier for metal detector coils
The EGE MDV 80015 amplifier for metal detector coils

Above a certain size, metal pieces can cause considerable damage to machines and plants in industrial production processes. Metal detectors from EGE prevent these damages without any switching errors. Permanently installed metal components, such as metal frames or sheet metal panels close to the detector do not pose any problems, but can in certain cases reduce the sensitivity of the system. Via a diagnosis LED, the new EGE MDV 80015 amplifier for metal detector coils shows the degree to which the detector system is affected by permanently installed metal components in the proximity of the detector coil, allowing users to ensure optimal detector sensitivity in advance. The LED remains dark if the plant construction causes no major interference. Simple flashing indicates that operation may be affected, and periodical flashing indicates that there is too much metal near the detector coil. In this case, users are advised to install the coil in a different place or, if possible, remove metal parts from its proximity. The amplifier is operated with 24 V DC. Its IP67 aluminum housing measures 260 x 160 x 90 mm. The unit can be used at ambient temperatures between -25°C and +70 °C.

Posted on March 7, 2013 - (1515 views)
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