Complete and Efficient Array of O+P Test Benches for Flexible Hoses

BC 4500ES bench for destructive testing up to 4500 bars

  • BC4500
  • BC800WES

A key global player in the hydraulic hose and tubing equipment industry, O+P has made a name for itself thanks to its customised, ever-advanced and diversified solutions, suitable to meet the needs of any type and field of application.

The fruit of passionate daily commitment and constant focus on growth and innovation, the O+P catalogue comes complete with cutting-edge machines capable of meeting various operating needs and requirements. 

Amongst flexible hose machining equipment, O+P offers a wide range of water or oil-run test benches, for testing flexible hoses.

O+P offers numerous models, including the BC 4500ES bench for destructive testing up to 4500 bars, provided with a PLC-equipped automatic control pneumo-hydraulic pump, PLC-equipped automatic control test benches up to 1200 bars and hydraulic multiplier. Test benches for hose coils on pallets, up to 800 bars, and benches up to 1200 bars, with pneumo-hydraulic multiplier, ECO series complete the offer. Not only this bench is easy to understand and use but it also comes with pressure control and release, acceptance tests and liquid filling done manually.

This offer also comes with a wide range of optionals, such as the PLC-equipped automatic control and the possibility to print reports in pdf, the availability of LAN and USB connection, automatic filling and emptying of the test liquid, manifolds with SAE flange couplings and adapters with quick coupling.