Preassembly Equipment

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For DIN 2353 & SAE J 514 fittings

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Preassembly Equipment
Preassembly Equipment

Accurate pre-assembly of the fitting cutting ring and the 37° flaring of the steel tube is paramount to the safety of any system using DIN 2353 and SAE J 514 fittings joints. Erroneous assembly of the cutting ring and inaccurate flaring of the tube might jeopardise the system and, in extreme cases, cause damage to property and injury to persons. To avoid this, OP proposes various Unispeed series equipment models. The Unispeed USFL 24/37 allows preassembling DIN2353 rings and 37° flaring of hydraulic tubes up to 42 mm diameter and a maximum thickness of 4 mm. The machine is equipped with a double working level: an upper level for bends up to 180° and a lower one for standard tubes. The electronic control ensures enhanced performance and makes the new Unispeed USFL 24/37 ES particularly suitable for volume production.

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