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Stopflex: Patented Retention System for Pressure Hoses

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity

Posted on May 5, 2017 - ( views)

by Rita Dimartino

The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity. 

The patented system STOPFLEX of OP srl, has been designed to arrest the trajectory of the flexible hose, thus avoiding that the energy contained inside may trigger a frightening 'whip effect'.

The cable secures the hose to the plant protecting both the operators and components.

The bend, equipped with a rubber gasket, remains perfectly secured, simultaneously allowing the hose to swell according to the working pressure, avoiding dangerous oil splashes and breakages.

How does it work?

The Stopflex system does not operate during the step of disengaging the flexible hose, but, if properly applied, it ensures that the hose is fully disengaged from the ferrule that restrains it. 

During the release step, the hose gains considerable velocity. 

Once the hose has been disengaged and the pressure released, the flexible hose can be restrained. This is where the Stopflex system gets into operation: the stainless steel cable is tensioned and deformed while the plate cuts into the rubber of the hose, preventing the clamp, firmly attached to the hose, from disengaging. The hose clamp and plate start to deform in turn, elastically absorbing the force released from the travel of the flexible hose. 

Look the video at the following link

Stopflex can be applied to all kinds of flexible hoses.

The retaining components can be secured to nipples (24° cone connectors (DIN) and 37° flared connectors (JIC)), to 3000 and 6000 SAE flanges or other system components

The Stopflex-OP (the nipple retention system - open) is the NEW retention system that has been introduced in the Stopflex range in order to meet more user's exigencies, allowing the assembling on plants where hoses have already been installed.

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