Test Benches – BC SERIES – up to 3000 bar

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These Machines are Provided with a Lighted Internal Tank Protected by a Shock-Resistant Window

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Test Benches – BC SERIES – up to 3000 bar
Test Benches – BC SERIES – up to 3000 bar
Test Benches – BC SERIES – up to 3000 bar
Test Benches – BC SERIES – up to 3000 bar

Present for over thirty years in the field of hydraulic hose and tubing processing, today OP can boast a wide range of products along with our exponential global service.

Among the equipment for hose processing, OP is pleased to present the BC test benches, available from 1200 to 3000 bar.

Equipped with hydraulic automatic opening, lighting signals and pneumo-hydraulic pump, we can provide the right answer to your needs for testing hoses.

These machines are provided with a lighted internal tank protected by a shock-resistant window, anti-oil net, objects-holder shelf and three sliding manifolds (90° - 45° - 180°) with 1Ž4” gas connection.

The filling capacity is 25 lts/min; the static and impulse pressure is made by means of air-oil pressure multiplier.

The bench is controlled by a PLC with touch-screen display, this allows the operator to print the odf file reports and save them on a USB.

After the testing, the emptying of the liquid is made automatically.

Many optionals are available, making the machine even more performance enhanced. These are available on request: bigger testing tank according to one’s requirements, internal washing manifold, anti-burts protections, PC and LAN connection, pressure kit starting at 10 bar, manifolds with holes for SAE flanges and adapters for different diameters and types of fittings.

On request, OP is able to provide the test benches both with special voltage and in stainless steel in order to carry out tests with water.

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