Connect Your Data Easily Through DMZs

NIS 2 mandates OT/IT separation

  • Connect Your Data Easily Through DMZs
    Connect Your Data Easily Through DMZs

The European Commission's recent NIS 2 Directive makes it clear that the most secure way to connect industrial control and corporate networks is to divide them into zones, and then connect them using one or more DMZs. 
The problem is, most industrial protocols don't work well through a DMZ. Neither OPC DA nor OPC UA were designed for it, as they require open inbound firewall ports.  Even MQTT cannot reliably daisy-chain connections from OT to DMZ to IT. 
Skkynet can help. Our DataHub technology is unmatched for its ability to connect industrial protocols through closed firewalls over multiple DMZs, protecting both corporate and control networks.
You get full, real-time access to your plant data from any location. The connections are outbound, keeping all plant and office firewalls closed, and the data flow can be bidirectional or one-way.
Learn more about the NIS 2 Initiative here