CRP Group a Protagonist at the 2013 Italian Year in the US

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Workshop on 3D printing in September

CRP Group a Protagonist at the 2013 Italian Year in the US
CRP Group a Protagonist at the 2013 Italian Year in the US

The CRP Group will be part of the 2013 Italian year in the United States with a state-of-the-art project: the realization of ENERGICA, the first Italian electric streetbike with F1 technologies and materials. Stewart Davis, Director of Operations of CRP USA will hold a workshop entitled "Energica, the first made-in-Italy electric motorcycle, and high performance 3D Printing materials. The Italian experience outrunning imagination". workshop will illustrate the engineering and creation of the electric superbike where 3D Printing, laser sintering materials have been used.
The lecture is scheduled on September 10th at 6.00 pm at the Italian Culture Institute of New York. It's not by chance that the workshop will be held in the "big apple" , the capital of innovation and high-tech worldwide.
Reinforced composite materials called Windform, 3D Printing and cutting edge cnc machining are at the basis of the two wheel e-motorcycle by CRP . Pleased to be in cradle of the American dream the Italian Culture Institute of New York will be the stage of the new Italian workmanship.

More information can be found here.

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