Decntralized Drive Concept

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Decntralized Drive Concept
Decntralized Drive Concept

Baumüller will present high-performance, economical solutions at the Hannover Messe, ranging from robust high-torque motors, via dynamic servo drives and space-saving disc motors, to a comprehensive range of controls and control technology. The new, decentralised b maXX 2500 drive concept is a flexible, compact drive suitable for such industries as packaging, textiles and logistics or as an auxiliary or secondary drive, having an output range up to approx. 6.5 kW. In the b maXX 2500, the company combines its inverter generation b maXX 3000 with the proven motor series DSD, DSP and DSC, thus enabling real-time Ethernet communication and integrated security technology.
For drive dimensioning support, the supplier provides its sizemaXX dimensioning tool, to which new functions have recently been added. sizemaXX calculates all the required data, identifies suitable components and generates a complete material list. The latest development means that customers can now also define parameters such as the pressure and flow profiles, thus not only dimensioning the servo-electric drives, but also the servo-hydraulic drives. Another significant step on the route to optimum drive design has been taken by Baumüller by developing a new integrated energy cost calculator. On the basis of data such as cycle times, the tool calculates the energy balance, and possible savings, and then informs the user of the results in monetary terms.

Posted on March 11, 2014 - (833 views)
Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH
Ostendstraße 80-90
90482 Nürnberg - Germany
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