Do You Get the Most Out of Your Automation System?

White Paper: How to choose the optimal motion control technology for you

  • Do You Get the Most Out of Your Automation System?
    Do You Get the Most Out of Your Automation System?

Maximize the productivity and sustainability of your automation system designs and gain the competitive advantage your machines and production lines need with the right motion control technology.

Learn how to select the optimum motion control technology to maximize both sustainability and productivity of automation systems through this new white paper from Emerson. It provides a detailed review of both pneumatic motion control and electrical motion control systems, highlighting the performance advantages each technology offers to machine designers. 

In some cases, pneumatics work best; in others, electric actuators provide the right functionality. Readers will also learn how evolving machine designs and operational priorities can make hybrid motion control technology the optimal solution. With hybrid automation systems, it is no longer necessary to choose. Instead, hybrid automation technology combines the strengths of both technologies in motion control systems engineered to meet current and emerging challenges.

The white paper also features key questions to guide selecting the motion control technology — pneumatic, electric or hybrid — that works best for your application: Is position flexibility a concern? What are the sustainability requirements? How important are process monitoring and connectivity?

Download the Emerson white paper to determine the optimal motion control technology for your automation system.