Dust Measuring Device SMG100

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Dust Measuring Device SMG100
Dust Measuring Device SMG100

Saxon Junkalor designed a precise dust measurement device for real time measurement of fine dust (0.1µm ... 10µm) suitable for industrial applications. It works at media temperatures up to 400°C / 752°F as well as high dew points. The SMG100 measures the particle mass concentration up to 500mg/m³ and is normalized at DEHS. Beside of current value also minimum and maximum and after measuring the average value is displayed. The SMG100 needs less than 10 minutes for warm-up. The measure time is selectable from five minutes to a half an hour. It is also possible to start the following measurement after only two minutes. The display of the values and the configuration of the SMG100 are available on the high contrast color touch screen.

The measured data are also available on a serial interface or wireless via Bluetooth for storage and evaluation on a computer. The maintenance is very simple, after a few hand movements the dust measuring device is ready to use. For the supervising of the parameters of SMG100 Saxon Junkalor developed a special check unit. The check process is done cost-saving by the user itself and needs only a few minutes. A rejustification of the dust measuring device is only necessary if the parameters are out of the factory settings.

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