Earth Monitoring System

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For static dissipative FIBCs and containers

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Earth Monitoring System
Earth Monitoring System

Ensuring correctly specified static dissipative or conductive materials are used in hazardous areas, Newson Gale’s Earth-Rite FIBC is suitable for flexible intermediate bulk containers (big-bags or super-sacks) and other semi-rigid containers. Its intrinsically safe monitoring electronics continuously verifies the containers’ resistance and satisfactory connection to earth. When these conditions are confirmed, the system provides local indication to operating personnel in the form of pulsing green multi-LEDs, along with a pair of control contacts (DPDT) which can be interlocked with the process to prevent transfer of product until a safe condition exists. The system is certified for safe use in hazardous areas to all major worldwide approvals and can be installed in accordance with IECEX/ATEX Zoning or North American NEC Class/Division requirements. Simple to install and operate, it is supplied with a special stainless steel earthing clamp assembly, purpose designed for clamping onto flexible/fabric static dissipative materials. The main controller and indication unit is come in an IP66/NEMA 4X enclosure and is available with universal AC or DC (12 – 24V) power supply options.

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Newson Gale are global leaders in hazardous area static control equipment, preventing fires and explosions in the chemical process industries. Their market leading range is approved to ATEX and other worldwide standards and comprises Earth-Rite® Static Ground Monitoring and Interlock Systems, Bond-Rite® Intrinsically Safe Self-Testing Grounding Clamp Units, and Cen-Stat™ Mechanical Grounding Clamps, Cables, Assemblies and Reels. Customers are supported from sales and service centres in the UK, Germany and USA, and via an international network of specialist distributors and partners.

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