Efficiency Arena: Improving Competitiveness through Energy Efficiency

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Efficiency Arena: Improving Competitiveness through Energy Efficiency
Efficiency Arena: Improving Competitiveness through Energy Efficiency

Sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important goals across industry. The output of a company is no longer regarded as the sole performance parameter. Increasing significance is now attached to energy efficiency and the economical use of materials. This trend is reflected in the special initiative "Energy Efficiency in industrial processes", which boasts a special exhibition area and a forum at Hannover Messe.
At the "Efficiency Arena" numerous experts will present energy-efficient technology, including potential solutions and examples of energy-saving applications to help companies perform more competitively. A supporting program of lectures and discussions will provide an opportunity for a more detailed appraisal of the cutting-edge products, systems and software that can be used to measure and control energy in order to facilitate systematic, transparent energy management systems.
In a special display area in Hall 14/15 exhibitors will present pioneering energy-saving solutions, energy management systems and pumping systems, as well as technical innovations and services. The central themes will be cost reduction and climate protection.
A program of panel discussions, talks and lectures focussing on new energy-saving solutions and processes will run over the five days of the trade show. Experts from companies such as Bosch Rexroth, ebm-papst and Rittal will present their experiences and know-how. Energy efficiency in pneumatics, power transmission and control technology will be a major keynote. According to the Association of German Engineers (VDI) the use of smart energy automation, modern energy distribution systems and modern electronic components has already reduced energy consumption in this sector by approx. 30%. Savings of this dimension are largely attributable to variable speed drive systems. The VDI estimates that the use of intelligent motors and drive controls could generate savings of around 1.7 billion KWh in electricity consumption worldwide. This is equivalent to the annual output of 290 nuclear power stations.
The special event "Energy Efficiency in industrial processes" targets CEOs, development experts and designers/engineers. Every visitor to Hannover Messe will be able to gain detailed information and insights into solutions and processes which produce a sustainable improvement in energy efficiency. The Forum will serve as a platform for an international exchange of experience and know-how. The focus will be on major markets such as Russia and the USA, as well as China, the Partner Country at this year's Hannover Messe.

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