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Electric Cylinders
Electric Cylinders

SEW-Eurodrive has expanded its range of CMS series oil-bath-lubricated electric cylinders to include the series CMSB71 and CMSMB63/71. They were designed for use in applications where system downtime has to be avoided and higher overall reliability is required. Using various adapters, the linear gear units can be combined with CMP standard servomotors in an axially parallel or serial configuration. The electric cylinders are available in size 63, types S and M, and in size 71, types S, M and L. The various sizes feature different stroke lengths, continuous feed thrusts and maximum forces. The spindle type used for all the new models is a ball screw with a 6 mm spindle pitch. The maximum feed rate is 450 mm/s, regardless of the stroke length. The axially serial CMSB71 series is available in various stroke lengths from 100 to 1,200 mm. Depending on the model, the electric cylinders can reach a maximum continuous feed thrust of 10,000 N and a maximum force of 24,000 N. The oil-bath lubrication system provides product characteristics such as homogenous heating, high efficiency and no maintenance for the entire service life. The compact design and optional water cooling also set these models apart. The cylinders can be used for applications which require high mileages combined with high linear speeds regardless of stroke length. They are also an optimal choice for short-stroke applications of under 1 mm with extremely short cycle times (e.g. 10 Hz), which would not be possible with grease lubrication. The electric cylinders are used as adjustment drives in control equipment, for power control in welding tongs and folding systems used in automotive body assembly, and in devices in the packaging and timber industries.

Posted on December 18, 2012 - (1278 views)
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