Energy Efficiency Rocks and Rolls

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‘Energy efficiency is boring,’ we cannot even count how many times we heard this in the last ten years. It is often perceived as if it lacks buzz of renewables, even of energy storage or hydrogen

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Rocks and Rolls
Energy Efficiency Rocks and Rolls

People working in the energy efficiency sector know that this is not the case. The exciting mix of technologies, people motivation, innovation and environmental benefits, all make energy efficiency as the hottest energy-related topic. Since 2011, Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP), a global industrial energy efficiency business and policy network, has been riding on a wave of innovating outreach via innovative engagement and social media. We have now employed virtual reality (VR) to push further the excitement of technologies and solutions. (Not only virtual reality but also energy transition crypto currency… but more on that soon).

Virtual digital energy arena

Just like any process that can be carried out in the physical world, such as training or experiencing working of a heat pump, or the broadest range of business and customer services from marketing and finance to recruitment, all can be simulated in VR. What might take extensive time and resources to prepare, it can be done by VR only at a fraction of cost.
Join us in the Digital Energy arena, on Wednesday 25 April at 16 o’clock, to hear about energy efficiency investor confidence programme supported by the European Union. Exciting subject delivered by exciting means. Never again energy efficiency will be called boring.

By Dusan Jakovljevic 

Posted on April 3, 2018 - (9049 views)
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