Flat Belt Conveyors

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Flat Belt Conveyors
Flat Belt Conveyors

Either with normal reversing roller or knife-edge - optionally with or without quick cleaning flap - for stainless steel belt conveyors of type GES 25 from Geppert-Band, any conveyor end is feasible from now on. As a result, belt conveyors can now be integrated into each production process with more flexibility. In total, 16 varying equipment versions, with individual measurements between 50-400 mm belt width, and 500-6,000 mm distance between axes, are available. The total belt load can be up to 30 kg depending on the equipment. And because all belt conveyor components of the modular system are in stock, production of specific dimensions is possible within 24 hours. A high hygiene standard is achieved with the equipped CleanTec quick cleaning flap. For cleaning the conveyor and the belt, the reversing roller swings away upwards with only one grip. The belt lies loosely on the conveyor, and both the conveyor and the belt can easily be cleaned all around. Depending on the version, bottom-mounted motors are installed on the belt conveyors.

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