Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor

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Available with modular plastic chains

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Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor
Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor

Produced by Geppert-Band, the curved EM-C stainless steel belt conveyor with plastic modular chain is the right solution to convey products through a curve without a change to their orientation on the belt. It can be made to measurement for any angle between 15 and 180° that has to be bridged. Its small inner radius allows use in confined spaces. The frame is only 18 mm wider than the chain itself. Also at the deflecting roller, the brackets only add 44 mm of width. The whole height including the chain is only 95 mm. The modular plastic chains fulfill the high hygiene standards required in food, pharmaceutical and chemical production, as does the entire belt conveyor. The chains are easy to remove and clean. Furthermore, they are particularly hard-wearing and easy to maintain thanks to the possibility of replacing individual links. The conveyor belt can be produced in 4-6 days in four chain widths from 147 to 607mm.

Posted on March 12, 2012 - (64 views)
Dorner GmbH
Karl-Heinz-Beckurts-Straße 7
52428 Jülich - Germany
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