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Stainless steel conveyor with link belt
Stainless steel conveyor with link belt

The robust Geppert conveyors with a wire mesh belt have now been added to the product range, also available in the full stainless steel version, which can be delivered within 24 hours. Wire mesh belts are a good choice, in particular when the conveyor belt has to deliver high levels of mechanical, chemical and especially thermal resilience. They also have an advantage when the conveyor goods require treatment during transport, such as washing, spraying, coating, drying or cooling. Conveyors with link belts in the middle are designed for high or very low temperatures, whereas only values between -10 and +60 °C are possible in deflection or drive mode. The sliding plate on the conveyor under the wire mesh belt is also made of stainless steel and inclines slightly upwards. This protects the belt from damage in case it has to be reset. Possible applications include packaging machines, the food industry, or refrigeration or freezing systems. The conveyor manufacturer offers a 24 hour express service for especially urgent projects, in this case a link belt made of stainless steel from the 400 group is used. Conveyors with other types of link belt can be produced within four to eight weeks.

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