Height-adjustable belt conveyor

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for plastic processing plant

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Height-adjustable belt conveyor
Height-adjustable belt conveyor

A height-adjustable special belt conveyor consisting of standard components has been designed for a plastic processing production plant of a South German plant engineering company.

For the manufacturing of precision parts from technical plastics such as PA or POM or even high-performance plastics such as PEEK, PPS, PSO or PVDF, a completely new plant was planned and completed. Besides a high level of automation, long-term reusability and maximum precision, it was important to integrate components within the system which are not only low-wear and of high quality, but which also would not exceed the project budget.

In this case the conveying system specialist had to develop a system that has to supply two production lines – with the amount of space available being very restricted: one belt conveyor which can operate at two different heights. The pick-up point is the same, but the discharge height can be in two different positions. As the technology of the new plant is also designed for small series production, a further requirement was that within one day the discharge height can be changed several times.

The basis of the individual solution is a compact, custom-fit steel belt conveyor from the standard modular system, which was modified for this purpose. Corresponding special parts were designed and installed together with the standard components.

In this solution the deflection axle of the belt is located directly on the tipping axis of the entire belt conveyor. On the other side of the belt conveyor, an electrically driven, continuously adjustable stand was installed. The control device was programmed in such a way that two height positions can be exactly set. In accordance with the manufacturer's specifications this is done manually in this specific case. The reason: the responsible employee is to perform checks himself in this area of production before the piece goods are transported further for the following production process.

Just like the entire production plant, the belt conveyor has been running trouble-free since the beginning of three-shift operation. The plant engineering company is highly satisfied: not only due to the fact that thanks to the installation of standard components it was possible within a very short time to submit a proposal and then implement it, but also that a simple and therefore economical solution within the overall project budget has been developed.

Posted on April 8, 2011 - (170 views)
Dorner GmbH
Karl-Heinz-Beckurts-Straße 7
52428 Jülich - Germany
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