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New Industrial Products

Flow Meter & Conditioner Combination

For wastewater treatment aeration system control

Posted on April 8, 2011 - ( views)

by Web Editor

A combination of Fluid Component International’s ST98 thermal mass flow meter and the Vortab Model VIP flow conditioner provides an accurate, economical solution for air/gas flow measurements in aeration basins, while minimizing air flow energy costs.The flow meter features a no-moving parts thermal dispersion mass flow sensing element that provides accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. It also includes an integral 2-way HART interface, which allows engineers to receive multiple process variables and configure the meter remotely from the safety of the control room. Further features include accuracy to ±1% of reading, 0.5% of full scale. Repeatability is ±0.5% of reading. Operating over a flow range from 0.21 to 172 NMPS at pressures up to 17 bar, this insertion style flow meter can be installed without shutting down the process by using a simple NPT fitting. The urndown ratio is factory preset from 10:1 up to 100:1. The Vortab insertion panel (VIP) flow conditioner compensates for flow disturbances in wastewater treatment aeration basin compressed air piping systems by removing both swirl and distorted velocity flow profiles under challenging pipe layout conditions. A VIP installed at just 3 pipe diameters downstream from the flow disturbance, with the flow meter installed at just 3 pipe diameters downstream of the VIP, neutralizes the flow disturbance and produces a symmetrical and swirl-free repeatable flow profile. The thin, lightweight panel design of VIP is easily installed between flanges or can be welded in place. The standard model is manufactured of 316L stainless steel in sizes for installation in pipes from 50 to 999.9 mm. Other materials and larger line sizes are available upon request.  They are available in both ANSI and DIN flange-mount or weld-in-place configurations.

Edited by: Teoman Tugsuz

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