Four Positions Selector EROUND Line

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This innovative version allows to close a single contact in each of the four positions, facilitating the device handling

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Four Positions Selector EROUND Line
Four Positions Selector EROUND Line

The EROUND line's 4 positions selector combined with the dedicated double contact blocks from Pizzato Elettrica allows to close a single contact in each of the four positions. The angular rotation of the lever remains the same for versions with 2, 3 and 4 positions, thus facilitating the handling of the device. Available with 3 stay-put positions and one spring-return or 4 stay-put positions, it is also possible to purchase the standard or the illuminated version of the selector.

This latest version represents an innovation in the market, increasing the range of application of the product. The selectors can be supplied with actuators of different shape: a knob, short handle or long handle. Furthermore they all have protection degree IP67 and IP69K, this way guaranteeing maximum protection also in hard environmental conditions. The 4 positions selectors can be combined only with the contact blocks provided.

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Posted on October 26, 2015 - (1280 views)
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