Fuel Sulphur Content Measurement Solution

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Comes with a web-based analysis platform

Sensor Technology, Test & Measurement

Fuel Sulphur Content Measurement Solution
Fuel Sulphur Content Measurement Solution

The Aeromon Emission Monitoring System is an UAV-mounted BH-12 sensor module featuring an active sampling system and a web-based analysis platform: the Aeromon Cloud Service (ACS). When combined, the solution gives industrial users the ability to quickly map on-site emissions in a flexible and accurate manner, for time savings. It features real time reporting capabilities and a scalable cloud data storage solution.

A solution that meets emissions regulations in a low-cost, effective and safe way

The modular BH-12 emissions measuring device can switch among airborne, hand-held and fixed configurations. Its enclosure can be configured to measure and visualize more than 70 different types of gases and particulate matter. Moreover, the Aeromon’s cloud service can make adjustments for local weather conditions, mapping potential leakage points and fugitive emissions hotspots on visualized maps of the monitoring areas.

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