Global Turnover Doubles Within Two Years

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Beckhoff Automation: 465 million Euros in 2011

Global Turnover Doubles Within Two Years
Global Turnover Doubles Within Two Years

For the second year in a row Beckhoff Automation has closed the financial year with exceptionally high growth in turnover. Annual turnover of 465 million Euros was achieved in 2011. This corresponds to a growth of 34 % compared to 2010, in which growth of 47 % had already been achieved compared to the financial crisis year of 2009. Turnover has thus been virtually doubled within two years. The number of employees also grew by 24 % to 2,100 worldwide, of which every fourth employee now works at one of the international Beckhoff subsidiaries.
Beckhoff can look back on a successful financial year. "It is the second robust growth year in a row and we have even exceeded our own optimistic expectations. It is also particularly pleasing that all of the large markets - Europe, Asia and America - and product groups have contributed more or less equally to the growth. Naturally we are extremely satisfied with this result," summarises Hans Beckhoff, Managing Director and Owner of Beckhoff Automation GmbH.
"The prospects for 2012 are also encouraging; following the rapid growth, consolidation at a high level is becoming apparent, which will permit an overall homogeneous business development. The various industrial markets are exhibiting great differences in 2012. The 'alternative energies' sector, for example, is in a strong downturn, but this is compensated by growth in general machine construction and plant engineering. As a result, we are planning moderate growth for 2012," says Hans Beckhoff.

Posted on April 18, 2012 - (158 views)
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