Helical In-Line Geared Motor Platform

Enhanced modularity concept & specific “low noise” gear design

  • Bonfiglioli EVOX
    Bonfiglioli EVOX
  • Helical In-Line Geared Motor Platform
    Helical In-Line Geared Motor Platform

Bonfiglioli introduced its new helical In-Line geared motor platform EVOX as an innovative approach for the geared motor market. Efficiency, reliability, modularity and performance were the drivers behind the development of the EVOX geared motor platform. Through an enhanced modularity concept, EVOX extends the product range of Bonfiglioli with new solutions for a wide spectrum of applications. The uncompromised selection of commercial components, the broad use of gear grinding processes, and specific “low noise” gear design make the EVOX platform a benchmark product in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Freedom and flexibility to use EVOX in any orientation

The first products of the EVOX geared motor platform are the new helical In-Line gearmotor CP combined with the new asynchronous IE3/NEMA premium high efficiency electric motors. The synergies between these two new concepts create an efficient, strong, small and simple gearmotor ecosystem. The In-Line gear units already released are: 55, 100, 200, 335 Nm with motor power between 0.12 and 1.5 kW IE3. Will follow sizes 500 and 650 Nm with motor power between 2,2 and 7,5 kW.

The EVOX Platform is characterized by a new simple and clean design, suitable for any application environment furtherly featured by optional C3/C4 surface protection or by ATEX rating (explosion proof protection). The EVOX CP gear unit is ideal also for higher precision demanding applications, thanks to the reduced backlash configuration available in the standard catalogue. In addition, EVOX CP helps eliminate any customer experienced friction, thanks to an innovative lubrication concept that allows the gearmotor to be used in any mounting position, thus overcoming the need of changing oil level and oil plugs configuration. This will give users the freedom and flexibility to use the product in any orientation.

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, both sensored and sensorless

The geared motors will be available both in compact and IEC flanged versions, allowing customers to choose between a standardized motor and a dimensionally optimized configuration. BXN motor, the IEC standard, and MXN motor, the compact version, share most of the configuration and options, including brake, incremental and absolute encoders, thermal sensors and switches. The new standard motor terminal box is shaped with its nine PIN connectors, for up to eight different voltages at 50Hz or 60Hz power supply with a single winding, making it suitable for the EU, US, Indian and Australian market. Further six windings cover the rest of the world.

Bonfiglioli R&D team designed the entire EVOX platform to enable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, both sensored and sensorless. During the development of the EVOX CP gearmotor, a complete mathematical model relating thermal behaviors of the gearmotors to the electrical variables has been developed. This will enable effective sensorless condition monitoring and predictive maintenance directly managed by our AxiaVert Inverters acting as an edge computer. In the near future, the EVOX Platform will include other product range extensions.

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