High-Precision Couplings

for Servomotor Drives

  • High-Precision Couplings
    High-Precision Couplings

The LN Series of Jaw-Flex high-precision coupling is specifically designed for use with servomotor drives such as those on machine tool feed shafts. It has been developed as zero back-lash coupling for precision torque transmission.

The high-precision coupling features excellent vibration damping characteristics, and a simple design which makes installation extremely easy, the new range is suited for OEM and maintenance requirements alike.

As a leading manufacturer of power transmission components, with a reputation for delivering reliable and cost effective solutions, Tsubaki understands well that the performance of drive couplings is crucial to the overall precision and reliability of the equipment on which it is installed. This has led to the launch of the LN Series which provides a zero back-lash coupling for precision torque transmission.

Derek Mack, Sales Director for Tsubaki UK, comments: “We are dedicated to manufacturing power transmission solutions for its customers that will improve productivity and offer industry leading reliability. The LN Series offers a choice of materials to suit specific requirements and a design which is designed to provide excellent shock absorbing qualities and superior vibration damping; both of which improve overall machine performance."

The coupling consists of two hubs, which use a simple clamping design to locate onto the drive shaft, and a spider which is available in two different materials types depending on the application. End-users can specify between material type 98A, which features excellent vibration damping, or 64D, which offers excellent rigidity and high wear resistance.

Currently there are six couplings available in the LN Series range with the ability to deliver a torque transmission range of 60 to 405Nm and accommodate shaft diameters from 12 to 42mm. In applications where precision and reliability is key, such as robotic servomotor control and machine tool applications, the LN Series offers the key characteristics required within these and similar applications.