Small pitch attachment chain

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  • Small pitch attachment chain
    Small pitch attachment chain

Throughout industry, for many applications such as automated manufacturing, assembly, production, inspection and packaging lines, there is a need for precision conveying of products and components. 

Todays requirements for accuracy, high speed and smooth motion are meet by this a wide range of small pitch conveyor chains, flexible attachment options, and application advantages plus the capability to customise standard products to meet specific application requirements.

The small pitch attachment chain product range includes single pitch, starting from as small as RS25 (6.35mm), and double pitch chain. Double pitch chains with flat link plates are ideal for applications where the conveying distance is relatively long or the speed is low.

Options such as lube-free chain, corrosion protected & resistant chain, lightweight options using plastic rollers, and high precision chain for critical indexing and conveying tasks are all available. Some material options such as stainless steel allow use in high or low temperature environments. Chain options are combined a large range of attachments to provide conveying solutions to meet the specific needs of any sector; transporting small products and components.

Small pitch attachment chain offers some specific advantages for conveying smaller products where accuracy and smoothness of motion are essential. The small pitch means more compact design capability, and being generally light weight the chain inertia is reduced helping keep motor size & energy costs down. A number of chains are ideally suited to higher-speed conveyors.

For reduced maintenance and increased productivity, lube-free conveyor chain employs special oil-impregnated bushes to deliver long life with no additional lubrication. A further option is corrosion protected coatings for carbon steel chain or corrosion resistant conveyor chain manufactured in a number of grades of stainless steel, or engineering plastic. Where the ultimate in precision is required, chains are available that employ needle bearings between the pins and bushes with virtually no chain wear elongation after initial bedding in.

To address the special requirements of advanced accumulating conveyors, the free flow series allows for the speed of the conveyed objects to be freely controlled or stopped at any time and at any position for accumulation or for performing a task at a station without stopping the conveyor. This series is headed by the Double Plus chain; a special construction combining the use of small and large rollers allows high speed transfer at 2.5 times the speed of the base chain itself allowing accumulation with low noise characteristics. The design of the chain and enclosed nature of the guide rail, along with the optional snap fit covers minimises chain exposure and this improves safety.

Small pitch attachment chains are based on roller chains with attachments added, making them suitable for conveying use, with some chains also having a flat link plate form. Available for direct or indirect product contact, the range of standard attachments covers a broad spread of application requirements, including many specialist conveying tasks.