High-precision Laser Distance Sensors

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Maximum measuring rate of 250 Hz

Sensor Technology, Test & Measurement

D-Series Dimetix Laser Displacement Sensor
D-Series Dimetix Laser Displacement Sensor

The D-Series Laser Distance Sensors from Dimetix can measure long distances with very high precision reliability and speed, even in the most difficult situations. They can measure on dark surfaces even in bright outdoor environments. The Laser Distance Sensors are able to measure distances at rates up to 250 Hz with a maximal output rate of 1 kHz for applications involving fast moving targets. Their measuring range extends from 0 to 500 m, with 1 mm of accuracy.

Available with Industrial Ethernet

Featuring high precision analog outputs, they have two programmable digital outputs, digital input and digital output for error signalization. The D-Series Laser Distance Sensors come with a solid housing IP65 rated and operate in a temperature range from -40°C to +60°C. PROFIBUS interface as well as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT interfaces are available optionally.

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